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PhD students

PhD students are an important element in the Centre’s research activities. This usually means that they are supervised by at least one of the Centre’s academic staff.

  • Christoph Beuttler
  • Hatem Bugshan
  • Shen-Chen Chang
  • John Diamondopoulos
  • Athanasios Fragkandreas
  • Patricia Garcia
  • Blanca Grey
    Blanca Grey's research interests include to what extent corporate social responsibility strategies and initiatives impact on corporate openness. Corporate openness is defined as the level of corporate public reporting and disclosing either through the traditional CSR/Annual Reports or through the way in which companies interact with key stakeholders, including citizens. Within that and building on the corporate citizenship concept, her research explores the political role that businesses can play and are playing in our society. Furthermore she is interested in understanding how this corporate position affects business-society relations in regards to corporate organisations becoming more open to processes of participation and democratic control by citizens and ultimately becoming more accountable to society.
  • Mahmood Hajli
  • Nastaran Norouzi
  • Paul Olasupo Oroyemi
  • Peter Ross
  • Luiz Marcelo Santos
  • Emma Tredgett
  • Manish Uprety
  • Waraporn Yangsap