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Transnational strategies in the automotive industry workshop

Centre for Innovation Management Research (CIMR)
Birkbeck, University of London
6th February 2015, Room GOR G04 (Gordon Square)

In the last few decades the automotive industry has undergone considerable changes in terms of: industry structure and competitiveness; geographical reach of markets and production facilities; organisational boundaries and relations with its workforce. Some of these changes are part of the wider changes in the economy and society; some are industry specific.

This workshop aims to stimulate discussion on as many as possible of the following issues.

  • Trends and configurations in the automotive industry: emerging markets and new transnational actors.
  • Consolidation, alliances, competition: where is the industry now?
  • Trade, direct investment and transnational networks: evolving national and regional competitiveness and roles in the global scenario.
  • Vertically-integrated relations and global value chains: the impact of modularisation on carmakers, first-tier and second-tier suppliers, local and international outsourcing
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises: their participation in global supply chains and international networks.
  • Post-fordist models and trajectories, the role of business networks
  • The restructuring and regeneration of traditional industrial regions in the automotive sector: policy initiatives and business experiences, intra- and inter-regional collaboration, inward and outward foreign direct investments.
  • Strategies towards labour in the globalised context: implications for industrial relations and for power and conflicts within the industry.

Workshop programme

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