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About Us

The Birkbeck Centre for Innovation Management (CIMR) is a college-wide research Centre of Birkbeck, University of London. Launched in 2008, it undertakes international research focusing on multi-disciplinary academic, industrial and commercial themes relating to the management of innovation. It is a hub for enabling collaborations, teaching and sharing of research, ideas and practice to create impact and facilitate more effective management, commercialisation of innovation and the development of effective policy. Our researchers regularly publish in top quality journals, present at international conferences and undertake consultancy for national and international policy-making bodies and research for influential think tanks.

Its roles are to:

  • engage with academics, students, policy-makers and other stakeholders in current debates,
  • disseminate the results of research undertaken by the Centre's academics, students and visitors, through reports, journal articles, seminars and conferences,
  • undertake research consultancy on topical issues,
  • showcase undergraduate and postgraduate teaching on the management of innovation by members of the Centre.
  • involve alumni in the Centre's activities
  • engage with industry to investigate innovative processes, policies and practices.

How it works

CIMR has three categories of researcher:

  • Academic staff,
  • PhD students supervised by core academic staff,
  • Vsiting Fellows.
    Visiting fellowships are honorary and are awarded to , individuals such as entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and policy-makers who can contribute valuable experience and insight and contribute to the CIMR's research and teaching and outreach activities.

Research findings are disseminated and published in academic articles and the CIMR's Working Paper Series . Helen Lawton-Smith is one of the Editors of the Journal, Strategic Change: Briefings in Entrepreneurial Finance, which is hosted at CIMR and published by Wiley.

A key form of cross disciplinary engagement is through CIMR's series of workshops, held on a termly basis, and through initiating and hosting international conferences. The events have a strong policy focus.

About us

About us

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