Birkbeck, University of London Iberoamerican Museum of Visual Culture on the Web


The Iberoamerican Museum of Visual Culture on the Web is dedicated to the particularly rich and varied visual forms originating in the Hispanic, Luso-Brazilian, and Native American worlds, from their painterly and sculptural traditions to contemporary forms of visual arts and performance, including film, photography, theatre and popular visual mass-media such as comics and graffiti. Reflecting the work of scholars affiliated to Birkbeck's Centre for Iberian and Latin American Visual Culture and the Department of Cultures and Languages, the Museum is organized through interactive exhibitions on individual topics, containing visual and historical sources as well as works of critical commentary and analysis. Visitors can browse these exhibitions according to their own questions and research interests, which will take them into "virtual showrooms" opening up in response to their queries.

Please use the left-hand menu to navigate through the topics currently on show.

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Date printed: 13/08/2022