Episode 2

Episode 2: My mother’s loft
Cara Davies on her PhD ‘Activating archives : interrogating the integration of archival theory in creative and curatorial strategies for performance art‘ completed in 2017 from University of Bristol.

Cara Davies is an artist, educator, researcher and records manager for a number of organisations across the arts and heritage sector, information science and construction industries. Artistically her work focuses on issues connected to the documentation of performance, critically her practice-led research and teaching investigates the synergies between practice and theory to produce multifarious strategies for the production and dissemination of contemporary performance.

As a soloist Cara was a selected Escalator: Live Art Artist and has received Arts Council England Grants for the Arts Award for the durational performance-as-research project Instability in Stability. She has recently presented solo projects and research in across Central Europe, Scandinavia, Turkey and the U.S.A.

Collaboratively she has partnered with a variety of institutions, choreographers, musicians, archivists and performance artists, working for instance as an exhibition curator for the Franko B Archive at University of Bristol’s Theatre Collection producing the exhibition Reading Franko B: Moments in Love, as a talks/symposium coordinator for The Parlour Showroom’s project In the City, as research assistant for The Performance Re-enactment Society’s piece Group Show at the Arnolfini, as part of the documentation team at Marina Abramovic’s symposium The Pigs of Today are The Hams of Tomorrow, performed with Sardinian-based collective Caravan S.M.I on their project Paesaggi Interrotti. Cara is also a founding member of arts and research collective Tracing the Pathway who explore relationships between bodies, sites and encounters as forms of knowledge production and exchange. Cara is currently co-producing and curating TTP’s project Groundwork, which is supported with funding from Arts Council England, Milton Keynes Community Foundation, Pedalling Culture, Milton Keynes Arts Centre and Sharing Culture: MK, and has been developed in association with Milton Keynes Arts Centre, Studio Chehade, MK Gallery, Arts and Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes