Riccardo Zecchinelli

In over 10 years of experience of working across academia, ministries and economic regulators in the UK, Italy and Spain, Riccardo Zecchinelli has gained in-depth experience in business and micro-economic analysis and has become an expert on technology and innovation policies and on public program appraisal and evaluation.

At the moment, as Senior Economist in the Chief Economist’s team at the Cabinet Office, Riccardo contributes to supporting the Prime Minister private office and the effective running of the UK government. In particular, he lead cross-governmental analysis on public sector productivity and the analysis for the new born cross-governmental body Government Automation Taskforce which aims to promote widespread adoption of automation and AI technologies across the Public Sector. 

In his previous role at Ofwat, he founded the skills-based volunteering programme in the organisation and he led a project on evaluating the impact of a financial education charity in collaboration with Pro Bono Economics. More recently, he contributed to develop and supported the research programme of the UN Specialist Centre on PPPs in Smart and Sustainable Cities (PPP for Cities). 

In 2012, he received a nation-wide award for the best post-doc dissertation on PFI and PPP in the public sector. 

His main research areas of interest include: public sector reforms and productivity, emerging technologies and role of public policy to ensure technology for good.  

email: riccardo.zecchinelli@gmail.com

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