People for SMEs

Through CIMR, we built a strong network of individuals with a range of skills and expertise. Academic staff and visiting fellows at the centre publish cutting-edge research, work closely with stakeholders, and inform policy through their research activities.

This page contains a list of CIMR people whose expertise is critical to SMEs and our research activities:

  • Academic staff and visiting fellows
  • Students and Alumni

Academic staff and visiting fellows

Prof Helen Lawton SmithInnovation Management, Entrepreneurship, High-tech and Traditional sectors
Dr Marion FrenzFirms’ innovation performance
Dr Federica RossiIntellectual Property Rights, Innovation
Prof Daniele ArchibugiIntellectual Property Rights, Innovation policy
Dr Muthu De SilvaEntrepreneurial co-creation, University-SME engagement, SMEs and social value creation
Dr Manto GotsiOrganisational paradoxes
Dr Frederick GuyInnovation, Knowledge and Skills, Profitabilty
Dr Wendy HeinMarketing, Consumer Behaviour
Prof Kevin IbehInternational Entrepreneurship, Emerging Market firms
Dr Odile JanneIntellectual Property Rights. Knowledge exchange
Prof Klaus NielsenSocial capital, innovation, Competitiveness
Dr Grace Bo PengEntrepreneurial finance
Dr Sorin Piperca Project management, Strategic Change, Knowledge production
Prof Alexandra PoulovassilisData Management
Dr Pamela YeowEthical consumerism, Sustainable careers in creative industries, Asset allocation, Environmental, social responsibility and governance (ESG)
Dr Ellen Pei-Yi YuInvestment, Green Finance and sustainability

Our visiting fellows with SME-related expertise:

Dr Andrew AtterEntrepreneurship, Innovation
Prof Birgitte AndersenIntellectual Property Rights, Innovation management, Digital Transformation business models
Prof Suma AthreyeIntellectual Property, Inclusive innovation, Technology Management
Dr Ning BainesProduct development, Innovation
Mr David FrielEntrepreneur Handbook platform
Prof Colette HenryEntrepreneurship education, Social enterprise, women’s entrepreneursho
Prof Monder Ram OBESmall business, Ethnic minority entreprenership
Saverio RomeoEmerging digital technologies, digital technology adoption
Ms Evelyn WilsonKnowledge exchange, Art and culture
Ms. Jacqueline Winstanley FRSAInclusive entrepreneurship, Disabled entrepreneurship

Students and Alumni

The following is a list of our PhD students who have relevant studies and/or expertise for SMEs and are supervised by academic staff at the Centre:

Maximillian GiehrlInnovation support for SMEs, digital transformation
Filipe Martins GomesDigital transformation, Startup Innovation, Innovation Management
Doyin OlorunfemiSales management, Network marketing, Entrepreneurship
Emma Palmer FosterFinancial strategy, financial communications, strategic consultancy
David StrollProductivity, information systems
Uzzal Hossain Circulation innovation
Muhammad Usman Naeem  Digitalization of micro finance industry

Birkbeck alumni who are CIMR members have a range of expertise that is very beneficial for SMEs and our research activities:

Ayo DisuBAME entrepreneurship, Digital business
Coral DyerHuman resources, Behaviour consultancy
Daniel WeerawardenaNetworks of innovation, Social capital, Creative industry
Dina MansourEntrepreneurship in emerging economies
Dr Fadil SatihiInnovation management, Entrepreneurship
Evelina StoyanovaInnovation management, Accelerators, Entrepreneurship
Fabiola DetariPersonal training, Health, Mental health
Fernanda Garcia OnionsIntellectual Property, Business law, Technology transfer
Gabrieta GatevaEvent management, Organization
George HunterBusiness development, Growth strategies, Government business support
Gillian GrayMarketing, Financial services
Glyn HawkinsFundraising, Business development, Commercial design consultancy
Guangchi DuongFinance, Knowledge management
Jamie HannonVenue management, Vocational training, Arts and Culture
Javiera Reyes BaquedanoDigital transformation, Project management, Innovation management
Jeremy GalpinStakeholder management
Karen JensenCreative industry, Business and culture, Sponsorship
Laura SacchiDesign thinking, Digital transformation
Lauren HefferBusiness change and transformation
Laurence BorelConsumer engagement, Consumer psychology
Leila Maria KehlProject management, Network building
Luis Puchades VigarTechnology, Innovation management, Entrepreneurship
Matthew JohnsonInvestment for early-stage businesses, VCs, Angel investors
Melina PadayachyBusiness development, Innovation
Olayinka BandeleTrade, Private sector development
Pasquale SeneseInnovation management, Oil and Gas industry
Ayse SeyyideRefugee entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship
Peter JelfsFinancial performance, Tax consultancy
Robert MitkowDigital disruption, Innovation systems, Business model innovation
Salvador MazzochiMergers and Acquisition
Samet AkyuzForeign Direct Investment, Manufacturing sector
Sophie DaleFundraising, Digital marketing, Media
Waraporn YangsapIntellectual Property, Open innovation, Knowledge exchange
Zar SalihBio-business, Business development, Innovation grants