Triple Helix conference will be held at Birkbeck

Abstract submission now extended to March 7th.

The CIMR is proud to announce that the 2013 Triple Helix conference will be held at Birkbeck, July 7-10 2013.

The Triple Helix in a context of global change: continuing, mutating or unravelling?

Never has the Triple Helix mission been more timely. Globally the economy faces significant challenges – unemployment, low or no growth, spiralling healthcare needs, rapidly emerging digital business models, unsustainable changes to the environment. The need for universities and businesses to work together and take action alongside governments is critical. The 2013 Triple Helix Conference will integrate highly topical contributions from world class academics and researchers with business and policy forums to address the key question:

How can the Triple Helix approach build ‘the enterprising state’ in which universities, businesses and governments co- innovate to solve the global economic challenges?

For more information, check the Triple Helix web site.