Protect or collaborate? Interactive Panel Discussion

Interactive Panel Discussion Friday 19 April 2:45-3:45

As an entrepreneur, creative designer or inventor, you face an inevitable dilemma very early on: Do you attempt to become known for an idea or creation, and enjoy the viral or network effects, or do you seek to shelter and protect your creative ideas before disseminating them.

How can you do both? Where are the trade offs and key decision points along the way?

Join a practical and interactive panel discussion with experienced entrepreneurs, and learn smart ways to protect and grow your business.

On the panel will be Maxine Horn, CEO of Creative Barcode, one of the foremost creative entrepreneurs in the UK. In Sept 2012 Creative Barcode, a not-for-profit organization, introduced Rights Reserved and Free-Use visual identifiers that attribute and protect completed works displayed online, at exhibitions, in print or exchanged in collaborative project. Importantly the rights identifiers travel with the item so terms are ever visible to viewers when works appear in search engine returns. It is also therefore a walking advert for your company and its works across the internet.

Also on the Panel will be Andrew Atter, the Birkbeck Entrepreneur-In-Residence, an entrepreneur and Board Mentor, who has worked extensively with VCs and Angel investors. Andrew has served on the Management Board of a company through an IPO, and has set up businesses in the UK, Europe and Asia.

And Hasan Siber, Past President of the Birkbeck Enterprise Hub and an entrepreneur with a strong background in IT and business innovation.

The Panel will be just one of the many great events at the IP and University Entrepreneurship Conference taking place on 19 April.

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