KIBS and Knowledge Flows in a Globalised Economy – Seminar

Second Research Seminar

KIBS and Knowledge Flows in a Globalised Economy

28th March 2011 NESTA, 1 Plough Place, London EC4A 1DE

KIBS play important roles in systems of innovation, internationally, nationally and regionally in both urban and rural environments. The overall approach of the network is to contribute to new understanding of theoretical explanations for KIBS activity, provide a review of methodological approaches and new evidence and inform policy making.

The theme of the second workshop is the “Geographies of the impact of KIBS on innovation through flows of knowledge”.

We invited participants to the workshop on the 28th March 2011. The two themes the workshop explored were:

  1. How can KIBS promote extra-regional and international knowledge flows
  2. Policy implications for KIBS in a globalised economy

The lead paper was “Enhancing the role of KISA in Innovation Systems” presented by Dr Jonathan Potter, of the OECD, on work being undertaken by the OECD.

Presentations on theme 1 given by:

Presentations on theme 2:

Researchers and practitioners were invited to take part in the seminar by joining in debates on issues raised by the lead speakers.

Organiser: Maja Savic.