Trelew Co-op, c.1900
Courtesy of the National Library of Wales

Patagonia Photography Holdings

The National Collection of Welsh Photographs, held at the National Library of Wales  includes photographs relating to the Welsh settlements in Patagonia (Argentina). Many of these photographs capture the pioneering spirit of the settlers and the harsh conditions they endured in the early years. In all there are 24 albums that contain photographs of Welsh settlers and their descendants.

An overview of the collection of photographs of Patagonia is available on the Library’s website: It includes biographies and a brief description of the work of the two main persons to have photographed Welsh settlements before 1945: Edward Jones Williams (c.1858-1932) and Reverend D. D. Walters (1874-1968)

The Library’s Website offers an online exhibition, ‘The Promised Land’, dedicated to Welsh emigration around the world, including the settlement in Patagonia.

The Glaniad website provides the most exhaustive record of UK holdings on the Welsh emigration to Patagonia during the late 19th century. This Website is the result of a partnership project between various archive repositories and institutions in Wales and Patagonia, to digitise items of cultural and historical significance to Wales and Patagonia. It contains articles, short texts and a gallery of photographs, including a number of images from the Library of Wales collection.

The National Library of Wales has compiled an exhaustive list of photographs, albums, and various other items available in their the collection and relating to the Welsh settlement in Patagonia.
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An online catalogue is available on the library’s Website.

Michael D. Jones
Courtesy of the National Library of Wales


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Cwm Hyfryd School, 1909
Courtesy of the National Library of Wales