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Memorial Sites: Acts of remembering in media and culture

Case studies II: Memorial Sites in Post-communist Europe

Friday 12 May, 4-5:30pm
Discussant: Piotr Cieplak (University of Sussex)

  • Globalized Memorial Museums – Victim Hierarchies and Travelling Musealization Trends, Ljiljana Radonić (PI ERC project “Globalised Memorial Museums”, Vice-director of the Institute of Culture Studies and Theatre History, Austrian Academy of Sciences)
  • Forensic Reframings of Museums and Memorial Sites at the former Nazi Camps, Zuzanna Dziuban (ERC project Globalized Memorial Museums, Austrian Academy of Sciences)
  • Lidice – From “Ground Zero” to the Present, Ivo Plsek (Masaryk University)

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Case studies II: Memorial Sites in Post-fascist Southern Europe

Thursday 15 June, TBC
Discussant: Mari-Paz Balibrea (CILAVS, Birkbeck, University of London) 

  • The second life of difficult heritage. Visual re-enunciations of fascist architecture between political mobilizations and pop-culture representations, Francesco Mazzucchelli (TraMe – Center for the Semiotic Study of Memory, University of Bologna)
  • Memory in The Making: La Barranca And The Mujeres De Negro Through Their Images, Zoé de Kerangat (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
  • Democratic visions for a conflictive heritage. The cinematographic ‘counter-memory’ of the Valley of the Fallen (1978-2016), Maria C. Puche-Ruiz & María José Romero-Ternero (Universidad de Sevilla)
  • Identification and analysis of sites of memory in the city of Seville. Dissemination and heritage interpretation strategies, Maria C. Puche-Ruiz, Pilar Díaz-Cuevas & Alfonso Fernández-Tabales (Universidad de Sevilla)

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Decolonial Feminist Forum

This research forum, which was founded in 2019 by Dr Lina Dzuverovic, is aimed at those at Birkbeck and beyond, who are interested in decolonization and narratives that challenge the Western canon and established masculinist power structures. The group meets regularly and aims to explore relevant texts, images, exhibitions and/or issues that question hegemonic modes of curatorial and institutional practice.

We meet and read together, share knowledge, research, projects, texts as well as information about recent and forthcoming events. We may share work-in-progress, organise screenings, present past projects and, perhaps, work towards future joint initiatives. The sessions will be further determined by the group and together we will decide on the preferred format. No reading is necessary in advance of sessions. 

The monthly Decolonial Feminist Forum returns in the Spring Term 2023, see the DFF page for dates, topics and updates.