Image: Rebekah Cupitt ©2019

Welcome to The Friday Club,
11:00-14:00, Last Friday of every month

Location: Online via Teams

Join us every last Friday of the month for The Friday Club group writing sessions. Each meeting is designed to help the busy scholar dedicate time and focus to a piece of writing that stubbornly refuses to be written, a draft that is driving you crazy, a grant application that needs some finesse, or even that thesis that just won’t take form. Inspired by the “Shut up and Write” movement, you can choose to leave your email and social media accounts at the door and devote some serious time to working on and sharing our latest drafts, ideas, and manuscript proposals. 

The group is open to anyone interested in writing an academic text – MA, PhD, faculty and all writers alike. Drop in for as long as you can, whenever you can. Welcome all!