This research forum, which was founded in 2019 by Dr Lina Dzuverovic, is aimed at those at Birkbeck and beyond, who are interested in decolonization and narratives that challenge the Western canon and established masculinist power structures. The group meets regularly and aims to explore relevant texts, images, exhibitions and/or issues that question hegemonic modes of curatorial and institutional practice.

We meet and read together, share knowledge, research, projects, texts as well as information about recent and forthcoming events. We may share work-in-progress, organise screenings, present past projects and, perhaps, work towards future joint initiatives. The sessions will be further determined by the group and together we will decide on the preferred format. No reading is necessary in advance of sessions. For further information about the forum or to be added to the mailing list please email

The forum working group comprises: Dr Rebekah Cupitt, Dr Lina Dzuverovic, Dr Sophie Hope and Dr Mara Polgorovsky Ezcurra.

Forthcoming events, starting in the Spring Term 2021/22, will be posted here and shared via our mailing list.

Past Events

5pm, Friday, 28 January 2022, Online  

Decolonial Feminist Forum – ‘Reckoning with Dread: Dilemmas of Democracy – When All Lives Don’t Matter

The Decolonial Feminist Forum resumes, meeting online in our usual slot at 5pm on Friday evenings. During the spring term we will take stock of the past two years in which the pandemic changed our daily lives, work patterns and ways of socialising beyond recognition, affecting different communities differently and affecting those already marginalised and disenfranchised the most. In our first event this year,  we will discuss the recent lecture by Professor Faye V. Harrison entitled ‘Reckoning with Dread: Dilemmas of Democracy – When All Lives Don’t Matter‘, delivered in November 2021.

Those who sign up to attend will be sent a link to the lecture in advance and we would like to ask you to watch it (duration: 1 hr, 45 min) prior to our meeting and bring one issue or question for us to discuss.  In the meeting we will discuss the issues everyone brought forward and will leave time to discuss ideas for future DFF sessions. 

Friday 1 May 2020 , Online

A catch-up via Zoom, gathering after a couple of months of lockdown. 

We started by doing a rose& thorn exercise, whereby each of us shared one positive thing (rose) that had happened since we last saw each other, and one thing that was a current worry or was getting in the way of our happiness and wellbeing (thorn).  

We had planned to also read the bell hooks text from the previous cancelled session but did not get to this, preferring a more personal session. We discussed plans for the forum, considering the pandemic and the fact we could not meet in person. We decided to try to meet in smaller self-selected groups to read texts of our choosing. However, 2020/21 was a challenging year for everyone and the forum paused shortly after, following a few emails.

We are now ready to restart the forum in the Spring term of 2021/22 and will post information about forthcoming sessions shortly. Please sign up to the mailing list to receive an invitation (see above).

“Uncomfortable Truths”, 27 March 2020, 5 – 7pm, Peltz Gallery, as part of (Un)processed project by MA Curating as Critical Practice Students, Cancelled due to the pandemic

Alice Procter (The Exhibitionist) joins the Decolonial Feminist Forum in a conversation on ‘uncomfortable truths’ not exhibited in British galleries and museums. Against the insurgence of half-truths and comfortably reassuring past grandeurs, Alice Procter – known as The Exhibitionist – disrupts histories of Empire and deconstructs its sanitised images on display in British museums. With insightful wit, she takes you on in-depth ‘uncomfortable tours’ uncovering the %#*#$hit histories and contemporary realities of museums and exhibitions. Join us for a harshly revealing discussion that may leave you with an itching sensation for artistic activism and change.

Teach-out, 20 March, 5 – 5.30pm in front of the main Birkbeck Building, Malet Street (cancelled due to Covid)

Decolonial Feminist Forum reads bell hooks – The Oppositional Gaze

Please join us for a group reading on the picket line. We will have copies of the text to circulate. Cancelled due to the pandemic

DFF First Meeting

Friday 7 February 2020, 17:00-19:00

Suggested reading for our second meeting is Michelle, K. (2013). To my Eighteen-Year-Old Self, on your Departure for Cambridge. Decolonizing the ‘Cold’ War, May 19 – 23, p.24.

Friday 22 November 2019, 17:00-19:00

Peltz Gallery, 43 Gordon Square WCIH 0PD

This introductory meeting held at the Peltz Gallery was a discussion about the format and possible structure of future sessions. We agreed to read together and follow up with a discussion

Please bring material you would be interested in sharing or reading.