ASSC is pleased to announce its new Spring 2021 Programme of events, with talks on estate demolitions, postwar redevelopment, the epistemology of modern design, and pandemic spaces past and present.

In our first event this year, Nicholas Thoburn will discuss his three-year research project about the architecture, lived experience, and demolition of east London’s Robin Hood Gardens estate, on Thursday 4 March, 6pm.

Otto Saumarez Smith (University of Warwick) will be talking about his recent book Boom Cities on Thursday 11 March, 6pm.

Following that, our ‘Thinker in Architecture’ for the year will be Zeynep Celik Alexander (Columbia), speaking on Friday 7 May, 6pm.

Our Spring Programme closes with Robert Bork (University of Iowa) exploring the fate of the late Gothic tradition on 28 May, 6pm.

And in the Summer term, we will have three events as part of Birkbeck’s Artsweek, all related to the project of our new Honorary Research Associate, Miloš Kosec, on the spatialisation of the cordon sanitaire